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(Greek Αμμουδιά, „Sandy Beach“) is a small fishing village, about 15 km south of Parga. One of Ammoudia's basic points is the big, sandy beach that covers all villages’ land and its shallows make it safe even for small children. The whole village is like a picture where are dominated the colours of green and blue. Around Ammoudia are lots of historical and mythological monuments. The Acheron delta lies within the village. The combination of tradition and nature adds to the area's familiar atmosphere a mystical sense that spirits Homer's description. The approach to Ammoudia is too easy as it is getting on different ways such as car, ship or airplane. If you choose to arrive in Ammoudia by airplane it’s better for you to select between Preveza’s / Lefka´s or Corfu’s airport that cover both of theme flights so from Greek airports as from airports of abroad.

Action is located in Preveza and is about 42 km far from Ammoudia. If you choose Corfu’s airport you will have to take the ferry boat to Igoumenitsa, approx. 1, 5 hour, and from there it is about 50km to Ammoudia. Travelling by ship you can arrive to the port of Igoumenitsa that is about 50 km far from Ammoudia departing so from Greek as from Italy ports.

In Ammoudia and greater you can see a variety of sights that cover the mythological, historical or environmental section.



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